Sunday, May 12, 2013

So I'm a film student...

The title says it all and my first year @ The University of Miami is over! I have a few short films as a result and I thought I'd share them with you!

This is my very first vlog and it's about my final project of a student film...

Now, my short film... One Odd Cooking Show/ Editor's Cut!
A 30yr old man is trying to make it big and taking the next step to make it happen, but with his mother's constant interruptions it may never happen!
My Teacher put a time limit of 'close to 3 minutes,' so it's very compressed and not as great as I wanted it...

This was my very first film in my film class, it's silent shhhhhh...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

the pen project... my first real film, kinda...

A Pen's Story
is the title of my little film and I learn a few many things.
#1. One person alone can NOT make a film
No matter how great you are, you still need a team of at least 3 to 5 people!
#2. Even if a shot was good or even GREAT, take 3 more shots just to be safe!!
#3. Check your equipment before you rent it
Make sure it's the stuff you know how to use, I got a different tripod and didn't know how to set it up so I had to finish up with hand held everything!! It sucked!
#4. Don't be afraid to work all day and get down and dirty
#5. Save your film in 2 places other than the SD card
On your computer and an external hard drive would be fine (or just on two hard drives), this way you can erase and free up space on the SDHC Card, which makes it easier to download your next project. It's a very complicated problem for me this time.
#6. This is a student rule... 
If you need help, ask the teacher!
I emailed mine, with a simple little problem and he showed up in person 5 minutes later to help! AWESOME!
#7. Have FUN!
Once I started editing it was more fun than the filming, because while editing is difficult, it is not a 3 to 5 person job. 

Here's some pics of the program I was working with:
(I'll upload some real pictures at a later time, since I'm updating on a PC and not a Mac)

And here's my little unfinished film,


Obviously... I had issues!

I learned a lot with this project, and I plan to finish it one day, but it's no longer a priority.
I'll up load the finish project when I do... finish it!!    

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The world of NO Responsibility

Is it wrong to be annoyed with someone 
who believes they live in 
the World of NO Responsibility?

If this was the real world, she would have been fired from her Job... Instead she begged and pleaded with me to keep her as a partner, so I said ok, and told her where to meet and when (after our next class). Before class began, the teacher calls us outside and apparently SHE emailed him, about doing separate project!

It's sad when your teacher said this is only the 2nd time this has
 happened with a group in his 10 yrs of teaching. 

I'm just furious because I didn't get my say in the matter, 
I don't know what the email said, 
and I look like the bad guy in the situation!

I did all the pre-production work and she'll get credit for it
that just infuriates me!!  

Monday, February 18, 2013

OMG This sucks!

Ok sorry, I'm in a totally pissy mood and I want to scream... Finally I get some one to do something about the possibility of shooting part of my film at my job, but I went through the proper channels and now I'm told I'm not allowed. I was also told that if I had just POPped in and started filming they couldn't really do anything about it, but NOW I can't at all. Once again the good guy always LOSES!!! Oh and I heard back from my partner... She rewrote what I already gave her... no lines, no words, just... the pen goes here... and here... and here... WTF?! girl you have to do something!!!! anything!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! OMG!

Sorry, I'm sure you all didn't come here to read this... anyway... I'm off to email my corporate office!

movie stress

Wow, two weeks since I last posted...
Sorry, I've been busy...

I'm working On my second little film of the semester for my film 
class. It's a lot of fun, but it's a lot of work too. I have a partner, but
 I feel like I'm doing most of the work, she's totally like
"It's easy, no worries, we'll find what we need to find and etc."
I've emailed her twice over the weekend and she has yet to respond.

There is a lot to making a film, no matter how short or easy it might seem.
#1. an Idea
#2. frame by frame, or script storyline
#3. locations
#4. camera movements
#5. people (actors)
#6. costume
#7. props

 These are just a few things, but there is so much more
My head is just going wild right now. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This is for Technorati


I know I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world, 
BUT I do know how to read and find things when need be...
When I got the first email saying you were in the progress of checking my Blog Claim and for
 me to 'use' the Claim Token. All you gave me was a link to my account on your site and on the
 bottom it just said the same thing in the email, "We're checking your Blog Claim and please 
'use' the Claim Token." But you did not tell me HOW to USE it.
So then I get your second email telling me you can't find the claim token on my blog...
So I looked everywhere to understand what exactly you mean in the message you provided
 I had to use Yahoo! Search Engine to find your FAQ page that finally answered my questions! 
Because your site did not show a place for FAQs. 
FAQs should be under the support tab at the bottom of any page!
Please fix this so more people can find answer to their questions!
Ps. Just as your FAQ page says: It's odd to put this code in a blog post. So why would we 
KNOW exactly what you mean in the messages you give people
It's not automatically understandable.
So quick access to the FAQ page would be helpful.

Monday, January 28, 2013

define suspicious

What is a Suspicious Person?
Is a woman buying flowers, a get well card and $100 giftcard suspicious?
Or maybe a man with a 
young son buying 

2 $100 Toys R'us giftcards?
Could it be the couple buying $200 worth 
of groceries and 4 $50  gas cards? 
Or maybe just the guy who decided 
to buy 3 $100 giftcards?

What about the woman with 3 children and $150 worth of groceries and 6 $50 giftcards?

Who is a suspicious person in these scenarios? 
Can you pick them out?
Do you suspect someone because of their clothes? 
how they wear their hair? 
By the hat, or maybe by their race?

How do you explain why you suspect a person?

Define suspicious::
tending to cause or excite suspicion: Suspicious Behavior 

You can not judge a person by their looks or what they buy, but rather by how they act and Behave...

Define Behavior::
observable activity in a person or animal. 

So this tells me they must act, before I can observe any suspicious activity; like, maybe they ask to pay for each item separately. Maybe the first card doesn't work, but the second does. 

Long story short, 
At work I got in trouble because I asked a lady for her ID when she was buying 
2 $100 giftcards and paying with a credit card; she threw a fit! 
Since than I've been told to only look at IDs of Suspicious people. 
I asked what Suspicious looks like and they say, 
"You know, Suspicious!" and walk away. 
It just looks bad to ask for ID after he/she's swipe 2 cards and it works, but transaction #2 does not 
work. That's when I involved a manager and it's up to them to give the card, ask for ID, 
or keep the card and call the cops. 
It's not my job!

Either make a policy and keep it
or don't do anything,
But most importantly 
Don't Blame ME.
I'm just doing my job by what my managers say.